Monday, February 28, 2011

Please Pray for Japanese Men

Japanese men are a small minority among the already small number of Christians in Japan. It isn't hard to see why:

1. Men have no time.
Once men get a job most are more married to their work than to their own spouse. Because the work week is so grueling, it is unusual for men to even have the energy to get up on Sunday much less attend church.

2. It is not culturally acceptable.
For men to open up their hearts or show themselves to be weak or vulnerable in any way is considered culturally unacceptable, especially in regard to religion. Imagine the man's man of the 1950s in America and then multiply that by a hundred. That is the "samurai spirit". The pressures to conform are also great beyond comparison.

3. Temptations are everywhere.
While the internet has become a global problem for purity, the easy availability of prostitution and the cultural acceptability of many kinds of sexual immorality has always been a problem for Japanese men, single or married. Married men often do not have the time or the energy to develop even a decent relationship with their wives. Single men often choose to live alone in order to make their temptations easier to live with.


Through the grace, mercy and love of Christ, all of these barriers can be transformed for God's glory. God loves to act as we pray in His Name, for His glory. He wants to use us to model something so much better!

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