Monday, June 21, 2010

12 Arguments Evolutionists Should Avoid

AIG: For years, we’ve maintained a list of arguments creationists should avoid. There are enough good arguments for biblical accuracy and a young earth that dubious claims can safely be discarded. Now we want to address a similar topic: arguments evolutionists should avoid. These worn-out tropes have not only passed their expiration date, but they never should have been made to begin with.

1. Evolution is a fact.
2. Only the uneducated reject evolution

3. Overwhelming evidence in all fields of science supports evolution

4. Doubting evolution is like doubting gravity

5. Doubting evolution is like believing the earth is flat

6. It’s here, so it must have evolved

7. Natural selection is evolution

8. Common design means common ancestry

9. Sedimentary layers show millions of years of geological activity

10. Mutations drive evolution

11. The Scopes trial
12. Science vs. Religion

See how these are fleshed out.

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