Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weakening Foundations

As I was watching "Noah - The Musical" (see trailer below) recently, it struck me that the simple act of BUILDING the ark in Noah's day was as foolish as the act of simply BELIEVING the same story today. Sure we Christians believe in the resurrection; but no, no, not in a world-wide flood! Not in a huge boat that carried two of every living kind of animal on the Earth. Now that is just too crazy.

In our churches and Christian circles today, we are usually content with simply defending our New Testament, not in understanding or defending the Old. We are content to fight only against the fruit sins of our culture (homosexual marriage, abortion, etc.) as we forget the fight against the root sins of pride and arrogance over and against God's revealed Word.

It should be no surprise then that the new atheists, secular humanists (to name just a few) are gaining so much clout and esteem over and against us "Bible Thumpers". Our great towers of Christian morality and thought are being effectively undercut - the foundations are being removed and we are sitting by simply quoting our New Testaments rather than clearly defending the truth of the whole Bible.

It is no longer seen as a problem that the foundation of Genesis (in which all the key doctrines of the Bible have their foundation), is being laughed at. We would rather be cool than be connected with those "Ark builders". We have bigger and cooler fish to fry; bigger, cooler mountains to climb. Meanwhile our defense is losing all plausibility in a non-Christian world.

If God simply "used evolution" to create the world, He is no longer really needed, no longer compellingly believable. And if we are nothing but over-evolved animals, why should the abortion of lice or mice be any different to us than the abortion of humans? Why should any absolute morality be followed at all? It would be just downright cruel to prohibit two people who love each other from getting married. All of our Christian moral issues and causes are a joke, after we throw out the foundational importance of Genesis in our theology.

So, let me ask you: Do you believe in Genesis or do you believe it doesn't matter what we believe about it? Do you believe that science determines the right interpretation of Scripture or that context does? Does Scripture bring light to science, or does science interpret Scripture? Let us be wary of ignoring such key issues.

Tomorrow (Jan. 22) in the U.S. the anti-God movie, "Creation" debuts. (Watch the trailer here.) The attack continues. Do you know how to defend against it? Do you know Genesis well enough to do so? Let us strengthen our foundations while we can. (Is. 54:2)

Be sure to watch Nightline (11:35 pm Eastern 1/22) to see what the world (including Christians) are saying about the movie, "Creation". UPDATE: The Nightline broadcast has been rescheduled by the producers to 1/25 (Monday) at the same time.

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