Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christian Influence still Reigns in America

In the wake of the terrible earthquake in Haiti, we have been able to see again how America, still coming back to their Biblical Christian influences, gives way more than any other country. Though America, in many respects, continues to stray further from Biblical principles, the influence of Christian ideals - especially caring for the weak and the poor - still clearly has a tremendous impact on its people and on the world for good. By comparison, those countries whose worldviews are mainly based on atheism and evolution, ie. the survival of the fittest, give far far less.

Note: America has pledged at least 100 million USD to Haiti as a government, not including the billions given already since 1992 and millions more given by private entities and individuals. Japan, by comparison, has to date made a commitment of only 35 million USD. Though far more than some rich Muslim countries, it is a clear statement about the deficiency of the atheistic worldview.

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