Friday, August 28, 2009 - New Book
Jesu Loves You
From the pastors who have gone out of their ways to reach the "prostitutes and tax-collectors" comes a book that we could all learn from. Though the title looks so simple, the message has gotten jumbled over the years.

"For a long time Christians have been taught a three-step approach to God. It starts with belief. Essentially, if you believe the right things, it will lead to a change in behavior. When you have changed your behavior, you will be accepted by the church. Believe, Behave, Belong.

If you believe this way, you will behave this way, and if you behave this way, you can belong here. This is preached, modeled, and affirmed in thousands of churches across America.

It’s time to flip this. The Jesus of scripture reached out and loved people regardless of where they were. It is essential to show people that they can belong in your world even if they don’t act, think, behave, or believe like you."

Click here to download the first chapter of the book and/or purchase it.
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