Monday, August 03, 2009

Does Atheism Make Sense?
Watch this news report from Fox first.

As I have said before, I don't believe in Big Foot. However, I would never go and spend money and organize a campaign against Big Foot, no matter how popular he got. To do so would assume that Big Foot actually was important. The whole idea (from the video above) that "you can be good without God", is really like saying, "God is a big deal, and helps people, and is important, but you still don't need Him." Does that make any sense to you?
To give atheists the benefit of the doubt, let's say that I live in Japan (which I do) and I am surrounded by atheists instead of Christians (which I am). It would not be (or can I just say that it is not) a goal of mine to say, "You can be good as a non-atheist." No, I want to show the value of God and Jesus Christ to people. To emphasize the negative is only to show a hatred against atheists themselves. I do not hate atheists in any way. I love atheists (and all people made in God's image) and want to show them something much much better! So I have some advice for the atheists, at least atheists in the West: Why not make signs that say, "You can be good as an atheist". But wait, when you make the statement positive you realize how empty the whole idea of atheism becomes. Without anything positive to believe in or without any ideals or standards, what rationale for "goodness" in any sense is there? Without negative rhetoric, the whole cause of atheism falls flat.
Atheists are atheists by default. They don't like the idea of God, or they just have never seen the goodness of God personally. It is up to Christians to show the wonderful meaning, love and truth of God to fill in the wide-open gaps of the atheist worldview. May God help us in this pursuit of love!

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