Monday, January 12, 2009

Life Together for 33 years

Read my twin brother's comments on being a twin.

Update:  I'll add some of my own random fun memories:

1.  Cutting through the dirt hill on the way home and Doug getting his moon boots stuck in the mud!

2.  Seeing my friend Ryan go over the largest bike jump known to man and seeing him do a cartwheel in the process!

3.  "Going in together" to pick wilting wild flowers for a cute girl after 4th grade.

4.  Dirt clod fights.

5.  Wiping out while sledding on the hill and faking an injury only to really get hit and get my face all scraped up!

6.  Doug was the backstroke phenom.

7.  Do you still remember what I did to Gary's hat?

8.  Backyard tackle snow football.  Even got 29 year old Gary to play with us once!

9.  Doug's Buffalo Bills #88 shirt and my Earl Campbell jersey.  We were cool!  Also the "I'm a Pepper" shirts were pretty smooth.

10.  "Those red-wing blackbirds can kill you!"  We believed it too.


jamie said...

i read that mark- super sweet! hope the kampman twins are as good of friends as you guys are!

Mark and Maki said...

Thanks Jamie. I hope the same. Being a twin is quite a blessing.

Doug said...

that was fun to read bro ... wow, i forgot about some of those ... it's amazing how many memories are lodged in our brains. good ones, ones that i thank God for. love ya mark, doug