Friday, December 26, 2008

From a baby to 33 years

It baffles me that in less than 2 weeks I will be 33, already the same age as Jesus was when he died on the cross and rose again to usher in life eternal.  It baffles me that 3 days ago, my little boy, Taka (崇)was born - just like Jesus was about 2,000 years ago.  It baffles me that God allows us to see the greatness of His story in news ways, dare I say, everyday!   God is so worthy of a life of worship, joy and praise.  That is why we are praying that, by God's power, Taka would be able to live all of his days lifting high the Name of Jesus in all he says and does.  For that is what his name means. 

As our doctor delivered little Taka, (all 3,238 grams of him!) I was again stunned at how little, vulnerable, and weak a new baby is - and yet how precious beyond understanding!  This little baby, born just as Jesus was, cannot do a thing for himself and yet a baby like this would one day deliver the whole world from sin and death!  A baby... this is the whole reason for Christmas!!

The good news of Jesus Christ is that in weakness, by God's strength, we become strong.  By His power, we are born again, not by our own will or strength, into an amazing, eternal and an abundant life in Him.  By His strength we can also go on also to do great things for His glory.  Either that, or we can waste our one little life on worldly pursuits that do not last. 

May the power of God's story change your heart also, and your life, and lead many to praise God's great Name because of you.

This new baby story - a story of adoption - from my friend Zach, also really touched my heart.  I hope it warms yours as well.


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Doug said...

We're so happy for you guys! Taka is a cute little boy.

I also appreciate your thoughts about his birth and your birthday (and mine!) coming soon. Great connection to Jesus' birth and death on our behalf -- something I've been thinking a lot about lately too.

Love you brother. Tell Maki that she is in our prayers as well.

Much love,
Doug and Jaime

Maren said...

YOU had the baby!!! :) Taka!! :) aww... I'm so happy for you!


Mark and Maki said...

Thank you, everyone!