Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Four friends and I went up to Tokyo on Sunday and Monday for Passion Tokyo 2008.   We were greatly blessed by it!  First, we got second row seats, because we were there early.  All of my favorite worship bands were there - and not just there - they all tried to use some Japanese both in their songs and in their intros!  All of the songs were translated on the screen and Louie Giglio had a translator (a man that I have met personally and talked with) that did a great job.  Japanese aside, the message was consistent through the whole night and was extremely powerful and culturally relevent, both for Christians and non-Christians alike.  The two non-Christians that were in our group both said that they enjoyed their time a lot.  One of them said that he had never heard Christianity presented in that way.  He said that he was interested in reading 1 Corinthians for himself (the text that Louie used in his message).  Praise God for what He is doing in Japan and for the ministry of Passion!  (Check out more at www.268blog.com)


kyle robinson said...

Wow, cool. Louie used to be speaker at 722, an weekly event for college students at North Point Church near where I live (in proximity to Atlanta.) It's really cool to see so many young Japanese people getting excited about Jesus.

Joel said...

Great blog. so glad I was able to meet and hang out with you a little. Loved hearing your stories!!
How did you take that wide angle pic at Passion. very cool:)

Mark and Maki said...

Louie was tremendous. God is so wonderful to bring this type of blessing to Japan. May the vision that was shared here continue to grow and spread in all the nations for God's glory!

You have to keep me updated on all you are doing. I am excited to help out with your church plant in Osaka! - Seriously!
By the way, the wide angle shot was not mine - I took it off the Passion blog! : ) Pretty cool though, huh?!