Saturday, October 25, 2008

In Science does Majority Rule?

Five-hundred years ago more than 95% of scientists would have told you that the sun revolves around the earth.  For thousands of years man engineered flight was considered by more than 95% of scientists to be impossible (even in the year that the Wright brothers first flew) and a foolish endeavor to pursue.
Today about 95% of scientists tell us that macro-evolution is a fact.  What should we believe?

From AIG:
" day a friend told me that something like 95 percent of scientists believe evolution is true. That made me completely rethink things. I’m a layman when it comes to this stuff. All I know is what I learnt in school or read on this website. So my opinion on the topic of evolution is only based on what smarter people than me have said. And basically, it’s your views vs. everyone else’s. Who am I to say that all those incredibly smart people are wrong?"

Read the fine response here.

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