Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Speaking in Iowa

I have enjoyed casting the vision for missions at several churches this summer. I pray that it causes many to groan less for their own little pains and more for the pains of the world Christ came to save. I pray that we would live less for our own little kingdom, and more for the great kingdom of God. This world ends, but God's kingdom never will. May we live with an eternal perspective in all we do.
Going back to Japan will be tough. It is never easy to leave your own country and your own dear family and friends. However, when I look at the big picture and the big kingdom, there is not a more exciting work and a more important place that I could be than in Japan. I am thankful that I can be one part of God's great team that is extending His kingdom in this world. This team will one day win the only gold medal that will never tarnish. Alleluia!

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Erin Wang said...

I'm so glad you could speak at churches and motivate them for missions! I prayed for you while you were in the States for that. Bless your family!