Friday, August 08, 2008

The Confessions of St. Augustine - Free

When a book sticks around for 1600 years, you know it is an important book! As for me, I have been greatly benefitted by Augustine's thought and amazing God-centeredness over the years. Here is one quote that has made me think a lot: "He loves Thee to little, O God, who loves Thee together with anything else, which he loves not for Thy sake."

In my love for family and friends in America, and America itself, I must not forget to love them all IN God and for His sake. If I love them together with God, for their own sake, (independent of God) I get very tempted to stay in America and forget to pursue the great blessings God has for me and for the people of Japan. Not only do I end up loving God less, but I love my friends, family and country less. That being said, there is a lot of pain in following God's best and most wonderful path.

To download the free audio book go here, look for the free download section, and put in the code AUG2008

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