Friday, May 16, 2008

Please Help Myanmar

You can help the tens of thousands of people dying apart from Christ by going here. Please consider donating today! This looks like a very good group who is already getting into the country with needed supplies and with the gospel of God.

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Erin Wang said...

Hey Mark. I'm just catching up on your posts. And did you know that my sister, Deborah, is still a missionary in Thailand with YWAM reaching out to the Shan people in Burma (the proper name of Myanmar) and Thailand? She had recommended places to give as well, as she works closely in this region. But, maybe that's late news but just FYI!! She got married in 2006 to a German, who also is YWAM but working in India-- now they split between the two countries! Anyway, enjoyed catching up on all your news and baby videos!! Check us out at videos on my husband's journal page. With love to you all: ERiN