Saturday, May 17, 2008

God is still working in America

We tend to hear a lot of bad news through the media. I thought you might like to hear about what God is doing in America. This piece of news is posted by permission from a friend working with Campus Crusade for Christ.

Spring Break, notoriously known by media and society as a “party week,” but for Campus Crusade it is an opportunity to take steps of faith and practically share the love of God with those who are searching for something beyond another party. That's why each year Campus Crusade for Christ has a conference in Panama City Beach, Florida.

This year we had over 40 students from UWO head down to this spring break hot spot—the biggest group we’ve yet seen. During the week our students gained skills to help talk to their peers about their faith, then took that knowledge straight to the beach each afternoon. Over 250 college students placed their faith in Christ the week that our UWO students were there! Wow!

Among the 40 students that went from UWO, many were freshmen or went for the first time. In fact, S had almost his entire freshmen guys’ small group attend the conference.

M, a sophomore, shared her faith with another UWO student she randomly met on the beach. He was totally open and wanted to know more about God—he now comes to our weekly meetings back here at Oshkosh! Talk about divine appointment!

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