Sunday, July 29, 2007

World Trad
e Center Movie

Maki, Yuki and I watched this movie tonight. For any who haven't seen it yet,
I highly recommend it. There is a lot of inspiration here for anyone. In fact,
it really made me think about the message I gave at church on Sunday about
how our lives are short, just like mists (James 4:13-15). Through this movie
I was refreshed to see this point driven home again, as well as to see the
name of Christ honored instead of degraded. Unlike Hollywood, true
stories often have these positive messages if we would look for them.
What an encouraging REAL-LIFE unsung hero - A guy who was willing
to die in order to help others live. There is no greater love than this, just
as Jesus himself said. (John 15:13) Jesus inspired this hero, and this movie
declared that truth!
Finally, to see as the two men faced death, that Jesus himself was there to
help them... Wow, I don't think I can expect too much more from Oliver
Stone and the rest. Praise God! - Please see this movie!

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