Friday, July 06, 2007

Trey Hillman
Trey Hillman, the manager for the Japan and Asian Major League Champion
Nippon Ham Fighters, came to speak at our school last week. As a Christian,
Mr. Hillman's first dream of making it to the Major Leagues was ousted by
the sheer lack of talent. At the age of 26 he quit his AA League team and took
a job as a manager of another minor league team. He became one of the youngest
managers ever. When God throws a curve-ball (sorry for the pun!), it is
easy sometimes just to get down and feel like giving up. Mr. Hillman, on the other
hand realized that God was providing him with another way to reach his dreams of
going to the Majors.
As the top manager in Japan, Mr. Hillman has an opportunity to speak to thousands
about his faith in Christ, including his players. Many of them have been encouraged
and challenged by him. Please pray for God's blessings on his "ministry"!

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