Saturday, March 31, 2007

Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday begins God's proclamation of Christ as King.
"Christ the King is our message
. One of the grand ironies of the way the modern church often does evangelism is we do not present Christ at the center and the Christ we DO present has often been functionally dethroned. Far too many evangelistic appeals are targeted at people’s “felt needs” rather than their real need, which is to have their sins forgiven and undergo a radical change to bring them into submission to the loving, joy-inducing rule of King Jesus. Let me give some examples of this. People are suffering from terribly low self-esteem, (so the thinking goes) and Jesus is presented as the One who can come into their lives and restore their shattered self-image. After all, if someone as special as Jesus loves them, then surely they can love themselves. Here’s another felt need the gospel is often pointed to. That is, people crave significance—their lives are empty and devoid of meaning so they just invite Jesus into their heart and He can fill their emptiness with himself. Do you hear how those mutations of the message are utterly inconsistent with Jesus as the King who desires to spread his kingdom by his emissaries as they bear the message of his gospel?"

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