Monday, March 26, 2007

2 Timothy 2:2
Once in awhile I get an e-mail that encourages me to keep doing what I am doing. These moments of grace remind me why I want to keep using my life to pass onto others what I have been given in Christ - the love and the knowledge of God which has changed my whole life.

From a friend:

"Time goes by so fast. I remember spending time with you and Mike in bible study in Maucker Union back in '99. What a great time. I also looked through some old pics and saw us at the Capitol City Marathon, another great time. God has done some really great things in our lives! One of them was bringing you into my life at the time he did. I wouldn't be the man I am becoming without him putting you in my life. Thanks for being part of that Mark. Anyway, as I prepare for being married and am going through all the things from my past, I find things that bring me back to the time we have spent together and it only brings warmth to my heart. "

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Doug said...

God has used you to encourage many people in their faith brother. I am one of them. Keep living it out!

Love ya,