Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Getting ready for the Amazing Grace movie

You may find this a good read in preparation for the
new movie, "Amazing Grace". Wilberforce was the
man largely responsible for taking down slavery in

"When Wilberforce was twenty-five years old, the
whole direction of his life changed, not because of some new
political appointment but because of a spiritual conversion
that was so dramatic that he initially considered leaving
Parliament to become a clergyman. Fortunately, a wise men-
tor, simply called “Old Newton” by Wilberforce, advised him
against such a career change and urged him to remain in the
House of Commons serving God through politics.
“Old Newton” was John Newton, the reformed slave ship
captain who had become a minister in the Church of England,
an author and writer of legendary hymns such as Amazing
Grace, and a leader of the growing evangelical movement in
eighteenth-century England."
Read the free book here.

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