Monday, September 25, 2006

What is "Free Will"?

Are we really free to choose anything we want? Yes, we are!
But we are not free to choose the inclination or desire that
determines what we want!

If you were standing at Baskin Robbins you have 31 choices.
You think you are free to choose any - and in fact you are,
except for the fact that you aren't interested in all of them.
(At least to the same extent!)
The fact that you make a decision means that you have a stronger
inclination or desire for the flavor you choose. If you did not
have this, you would never be able to make a decision. Our wills
are determined by what we are most desirous of. This "prevailing
desire/inclination" we do not choose.

This has helped me understand God's sovereignty and our responsibility better.
Our wills have been cut off from righteousness by the fall. Now we are
wholly desperate for God to revive us so that we can choose Him.

In trying to understand how God can be both holy and free,
we must understand that God cannot act any
differently than what he does. He is the blessed (happy) God
(1 Tim.1:11). Everything He does is the best, and this is why He
is so free! There is no conflict in His will over a good and a
bad desire. God has such freedom precisely because his will is
clean of any and all wrong desires that would keep Him from doing
anything less than what is perfect in every situation.
This is the freedom we should long for!

Once we get to heaven, we will have a REAL free will.
To not have the desire to sin anymore will be freedom to really
enjoy God! Let us make it our aim then to build more and more
desire for God! Only by this will we have true freedom to love
and to enjoy everything He has prepared for us!

May "God work in us to will and to act according to his good purpose"!
(Philippians 2:13) Overcome our wills with a holy desire for You O God!

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