Friday, July 15, 2016

The Great Commission or the Great Suggestion?

by Dr. Daniel Wallace

"There’s a myth foisted on the Christian public about the meaning of the Great Commission (Matt 28.19-20). It goes something like this: “In the Greek, the word translated ‘Go’ is really a participle and it literally means, ‘as you are going.’ But the words ‘make disciples’ are an imperative in Greek. That’s the only imperative in these two verses. Therefore, the Great Commission is not a command to go; rather, it is a command to make disciples as you are going, or make disciples along the way.” The exposition based on this understanding of the Greek text then attempts to salve the consciences of the congregation, permitting them to do nothing about the lost if it at all means going out of their way. There are two major problems with this treatment of Matt 28.19-20."

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Here is another great article on the same issue by Greek expert Bill Mounce.

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