Sunday, July 13, 2014

An Interview about our Mission in Japan

Take a listen to a great new podcast that has been started by a good friend and fellow missionary, Rudy V.

He interviews me here in two parts concerning our work and missions in Japan in general. He asks very good questions that I hope are helpful for you also. Please do pray for us and consider giving to our mission as the Lord leads you.

#1 - Sharing our Faith - 4 Steps to Prepare: 
(Check out part 1 of my interview at the 23:00- 29:09 mark.)

#2 - Strengthening our Conversation about Christianity:
(Part 2 of my interview continues here from about 19:00- 25:00.)

* Part 2 has a fun true story... "When I die I'm going to become a fish." :)

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