Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Quality time. Have you ever wondered what that is?

I wondered what quality time was until I heard someone
say that "quantity" time "is" quality time. Put another
way, it's not so important that every moment you spend
with your preschooler be life-changing and memorable;
it's more important that you invest a (large) quantity
of time into her life.

One thing I have learned about quality time: I can't
force it. It's not as if I can say, "OK. I'm going to
spend quality time with my daughter right now."

But I can say I'm going to spend a certain quantity of
time with her. And it's then, when I least expect it,
that the opportunity for quality time presents itself.

I encourage you to do the same. Invest "quantity" time
first. That way, you'll create an environment that
permits--even encourages--"quality" time.

Written by Sonlight

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