Sunday, May 27, 2012

Families who are Together stay Together
One of the main things I got from a recent conference was this thought: "It is not the actual things you do together a family so much as the quality of time together as a family that makes the difference."

Are we vegging out in front of a TV together, or am I truly communicating with my wife and children and enjoying them personally?

I used to believe that "the family that prays together stays together." Obviously that is quite simplistic and unrealistic. In truth, the family that spends enough quality time together in communication will be able to form the depth of relationship needed to grow together and pray together each day. Even for families that are really busy, simply turning off the TV and shutting down the computer for an evening or two a week can do wonders!

My kids and wife need to see me live my life for Jesus, not just hear a good message or devotion time. They need to see me repenting for my mistakes, not just hear me telling them what to do. My kids and wife need to see practical acts of love, not just words and good intentions. The crux of the issue: My family is the best way for me to grow, the most important ministry to be involved in, and my most important legacy. What we do at home, with the family, really matters.

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