Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Our "Small" Part in God's Kingdom
If you've ever felt insignificant in your work for God's kingdom, I encourage you to read this post from a good friend of mine who is a fellow missionary:

My brother owns a construction business and builds houses.  He skyped me this week and we got to talking about God’s timing and our faithfulness.  We don’t always know His timing or at what stage we are in His Kingdom planning in the history of a people group.  He said the architect has the idea and plan in his mind of how he hopes the finished house will look.  The construction starts, and you don’t always notice all the different stages a house goes through when its built.  And all the different kinds of people that prepare it and work toward its completion.  And those who are there to showcase the house in all its glory often hear the oo’s and aahs’ of those who see the finished work of the house.  Yet we often forget about the critical work of those whose work we can’t really see anymore.  For example, the foundation of concrete, those guys are the first one’s out to dig the site and fill in the basement, but they’re long gone by the time the finishing touches are being put on the place. But every stage, like that of the concrete guys, is so crucial.  Again, we each play just a small part in His overall, big, sure plan for His Kingdom.  May we each embrace our ‘small part’ and be faithful in it.

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