Thursday, May 19, 2011

Status of Global Mission 2010

1. The total global church member annual income is $28.8 trillion ($28,800 billion).
2. Of this, $513 billion (1.73 percent) is given to Christian causes.
3. Of this, $29 billion (5.7 percent of the 1.73 percent) goes to Foreign Missions.
4. Of this, 87 percent goes for work among those already Christians; 12 percent goes for work among already evangelized non-Christians, and one percent - $290 million - goes to the unreached.

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John Piper writes, "If we, like Paul, are content with the simple necessities of life, billions of dollars in the church would be released to take the gospel to the frontiers. The revolution of joy and freedom it would cause at home would be the best local witness imaginable."

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