Sunday, April 03, 2011

Reflections on the Disaster - Day 1 (April 2) The roads have been cleared (though bumpy), and the bodies are taken (we hope), but other than that, there is nothing but devastation everywhere. Trash everywhere- everything made to be trash everywhere - choking the life and beauty out of everything. Semi-trucks thrown up into trees, homes thrown around and taken up into mountains, massive ships thrown up on to shore. Our task was to help a very traditional Japanese family clean the mud and sea water and sea shells out of their house. There was no husband or son, though pictures were there, only a mother and a daughter. The water had completely filled the first floor at the hightest point. We could see the water mark near the top of the ceiling. The Shinto god shelf (kamidana) had an old paper with writing that said, "Protect this house." The Buddhist shelf was cleaned first and best, while most everything else was still covered in dirt and in disarray. May they know the true God! The people we were working with knew that we were Christians, but the family did not attempt even to talk with us. I was kicking myself for forgetting to leave the gospel of John. After more thought however, I realized that that also would probably be taken as simply more trash. Our presence won't be forgotten, however. That is not trash. It is a joy to help... I couldn't help my hometown in the flood of 2008. I couldn't help my own parents before that with their own home problems. It is a great thing to be able to help and realize that I also need help. Thank you, God, for helping me realize that. When I get back I hope to upload pictures for you.

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