Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fuel For Prayer - Japan
This quote just devastated me today, "85% of Japanese teenagers say, 'I wish I wasn't born - I don't know why I live on earth.'"
(HT: Christopher Grissom)


Christopher Grissom said...

That qoute devastated, and shocked me also. Hey, I am interested in learning more about your ministry there. God bless you and your wife in His work He has for you in Japan.

Mark and Maki said...

Hey Christopher,

Great to hear that you are interested in hearing more about our ministry. I'm excited to see/hear that you are so interested in Japan. We need more people like you! I will e-mail you soon, my brother.

Christopher Grissom said...

Ok, I will be waiting for that email. :) Let me know of anything that I can do to be of help to the work there. God bless you Mark and Maki! I'm praying God will use you guys like crazy!

Brian Rock said...

Mark, maybe you covered this before but what is the missionary influence in Japan? Any idea how many missionaries are in the country and how that number compares with other nations?
The workers are few...thanks for being 1 of them.