Tuesday, July 06, 2010

What is Freedom?

I thought this was a good quote - especially in light of Independence Day.

"We're only free when we have no choice."
- Caedmon's Call

To most, this statement seems paradoxical if not crazy.
Although we enjoy a measure of freedom in America and in Japan, we cannot experience complete freedom now, because we are so bound by our harmful desires to do wrong. This only leads to more and more bondage, not freedom. The more we "free ourselves" from morality, the more we find ourselves enslaved to corruption. That's why the only complete freedom is when God changes our hearts and mind to desire only the good and truly beautiful.

Christians have begun to experience some of this now, and thus we have the capacity for greater freedom and joy than others. However, true and complete freedom to do everything we really want, and at the same time have it fully satisfy us, will only come in heaven. In heaven we will be perfectly free because we will have no choice but to do the best and most fulfilling things from our own wills. I am so excited to experience that true and ultimate freedom that we were made for. In that thought... have a TRULY happy Independence Day week!

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