Friday, December 04, 2009

Climate-Gate and What Science "Knows"

If you haven't heard of the big scandal over global warming, you need to go look for it on the internet. It won't be on the major networks because they are also trying to hide it. It seems scientists have been hiding real data and adding their own numbers for the past decade to bolster their own theories about global warming. Sound strange? No, not really. We all have an agenda and a worldview. Some have a moral foundation (like the Bible) for their agenda and some do not. (Secularists)

Whether it be outright lies, deception or just plain assumption-based thinking, scientists are making "mistakes" all the time. Some accidentally, some very purposefully.

Roger Patterson writes, "Most people, including those with training in the sciences, are not aware of the many assumptions that radiometric dating, the geological column, and fossil interpretation use as foundations. Biologists assume that geologists have correctly identified the age of rocks. The geologists assume that the chemists have correctly identified the half-life of different isotopes. Chemists assume that physicists have correctly identified the details of radioactive decay." (Evolution Exposed - Biology)

This circular reasoning and chain of assumptions support the misconstrued idea that the fossil record actually proves the theory of [marco]evolution. Knowingly or unknowingly entire theories (and worldviews) are based on these teetering presuppositions and assumptions.

Now, what are your assumptions and presuppositions about what scientists "know to be true"? Could what you believe about scientists be affecting your beliefs about God or the Bible? Be honest with yourself.

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