Thursday, October 22, 2009

Deflating Billions of Years
by AIG

Is there proof that the earth and universe must be old—billions of years old? Unfortunately for those who believe in an ancient universe, these “proofs” fall apart under scrutiny—and ignore the greatest source of historical information humanity has.

The majority of evidences for vast ages depend upon starting assumptions. Be alert for such phrases as “at a measurable rate” or “continuity” or “growth patterns.” These phrases essentially mean that the given reason that the universe must be old requires that several assumptions must be true:

  • the current rate is extrapolated into the past,
  • the starting value is assumed,
  • and little or no allowance is made for contamination into the system beyond what we measure today

This, in essence, is the key to the naturalistic philosophy. Naturalists observe the present condition of the universe and assume that what we see today is what has always been.

However, the flaw of this philosophy is that it rests upon a very tenuous foundation. If conditions have not always been the same as they are now or at the same rate, then the philosophy falls, as do the “proofs” for an old universe. You will often find that simply examining the assumptions will help you uncover the flaws.

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