Saturday, September 19, 2009

Maki's Birthday

What a beautiful day today... with helpful kids too! : )
After enjoying a "relaxing" morning together, I let Mommy relax a bit more by taking Noah outside. Noah and I thought this plant was pretty cool. Any idea what it is? (Noah tried to eat it, but I thought it best not to let him!)

After some friends came over to babysit, Maki and I made our way to a nice restaurant.
I was just a little surprised by the portion size. Looks like we're going for a Big Mac after this!
Thankfully, there were a variety of courses before and after! And, it was pretty tasty too.
After returning home we had some family time. All in all, a great day... I would agree with Maki on that one. Thanks also to all of you who sent Maki notes! She really appreciated all the love.

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Gene said...

What nice pictures. Thanks. MOM