Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Am I better than you?

R.C. Sproul, from this month's Tabletalk magazine, writes:

"I have never met an Arminian who would answer the question that I’ve just posed by saying, 'Oh, the reason I’m a believer is because I’m better than my neighbor.' They would be loath to say that. However, though they reject this implication, the logic of semi-Pelagianism requires this conclusion. If indeed in the final analysis the reason I’m a Christian and someone else is not is that I made the proper response to God’s offer of salvation while somebody else rejected it, then by resistless logic I have indeed made the good response, and my neighbor has made the bad response.

What Reformed theology teaches is that it is true the believer makes the right response and the non-believer makes the wrong response. But the reason the believer makes the good response is because God in His sovereign election changes the disposition of the heart of the elect to effect a good response. I can take no credit for the response that I made for Christ. God not only initiated my salvation, He not only sowed the seed, but He made sure that that seed germinated in my heart by regenerating me by the power of the Holy Ghost."

Personally, I praise God for his sovereign mercy and grace that overcame my wicked rebellion!

Read the whole thing here.
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