Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ryuta Kimura's Testimony  (めっちゃいい証!)
Watch one of the best testimonies I've heard in a while.
(By the way it is bilingual - both in English and in Japanese - so give it a shot!)  It is entitled "Easter Message", but is really mostly a testimony.

Jesus Lifehouse Church, in Tokyo, is one of the fastest growing churches in Japan.  You can tell that they love Jesus and because of it they have such amazing joy!  JLHC is a church plant from Hillsong Church in Australia.  Maki and I attended this church once and also have friends who go here.  I recommend it to anyone in the area.

For anyone in Osaka, JLHC also has a new church plant there!  While it is still rather small, it is already a very energetic young church.  (Follow the links above to learn more about it.)

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