Saturday, September 06, 2008

Moral Disqualification

Why Barak Obama fails the test to be president.

This is perhaps the most important post that I have ever seen about why no sane person should vote for Barak Obama.  Be sure to watch the video at the end.

HT: Vit. Z


Erin Wang said...

Why is it a greater sin than others to have abortion be *legal*? Legalizing morality? Morality should be, for us who love the Lord, personal relationships and friendship evangelism (and grand-scale evangelism too)--- that the choice to forgo abortion would be made by those we know and love!!! Legal or illegal, abortion will happen all over the world!

Is unjust war (killing MANY!), letting the needy around the world go hungry and be undefended in war, and killing the environment -- less of a commandment in scripture... or matter less to God?

Just something to begin a thinking process.... :)

Mark and Maki said...


Thank you for starting the thinking process! First, let me say that you are right in the fact that we need to rely more on the ministry of the Word, and on God and less on politics! Amen. However, let's for a moment slow down and break down what you are saying about politics and law.

What does "legalizing" mean? It is a society saying that something is morally OK. There is no law without morals. And there can be no good laws without moral people. The question is what morals will guide our society?
Is murdering innocent children OK? If a society says, "yes" to that question, we have just about come to the end.
But let me continue: If murder happens even though we outlaw it, should we, for that reason, legalize murder? That logic is nonsensical.
The second series of questions are not necessarily answered by voting for Obama. The point of the article was that we cannot trust a man who votes for infanticide. We should not trust such a man - to be good or right or trustworthy in any issue.
Let me ask you a question. Would you vote for a man who was in favor of slavery? Why or why not?