Sunday, June 15, 2008

Noah's 1st Birthday Celebration!

Noah got some handmade wooden blocks and a truck from Grandpa O. Noah wasn't too interested in the buildings that I made. He was busy banging the blocks together and making noises!

Maki made a nice cake for Noah.

Noah's special meal! - Sorry, no cake for this little camper yet!
Here is Noah making more sounds with wrapping paper. We are glad that he doesn't need expensive presents yet!

It seems like this is a classic shot. Doesn't everyone have this kind of picture from when they were young?

Here is a good family shot.


Doug said...

Love all the pictures. Noah's quite a smiley boy! Happy Father's Day bro.

Mark and Maki said...

Thanks, Doug. Happy Father's Day to you too. We can't wait to see you soon!

Kyle said...

Aw, love that last picture! You guys are so cute. Cake looks tasty, too. Mom made Dad a cake for Father's Day, it's always a good gift!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Noah! Happy Father's Day, AND Happy New Baby Wolter!!! So thankful for you all!