Monday, March 03, 2008

Obama: Yes We Can!!! ...murder babies

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The title of this post is not inflammatory rhetoric. Read the article and then tell me what a better title would be. If you are a Christian (or not), please think hard about this one before you vote for Obama this year:

Let's be clear about what Obama did, once in 2003 and twice before that. He effectively voted for infanticide. He voted to allow doctors to deny medically appropriate treatment or, worse yet, actively kill a completely delivered living baby. Infanticide - I wonder if he'll add this to the list of changes in his next victory speech and if the crowd will roar: "Yes, we can".
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Johnny Brooks said...

If I were to vote for either main party, which I am not, I would vote for Obama any day over McCain. If I were to use Christianity as my deciding factor in who to vote for I would vote for Obama over McCain anyday.
The fact is the federal government has no business making laws concerning a woman's body. She is the only one who should decide what to do with it.

Mark and Maki said...


Does a woman have 4 legs? Does a woman have 4 arms? Does a woman have a male sexual organ? Than how can a baby inside a mother be called a "part of the woman's body"? Let's own up to it. Abortion and Infanticide is MURDER plain and simple. Anyone who votes for a murderer should be ashamed of themselves.
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Kathleen Marie said...

The elections in the US are baffling. All three major candidates are PRO-CHOICE. McCain voted in favor of Partial Birth Abortion, Clinton and Obama are pro-choice. It is a sad election year.

But, the only one who admits to being born-again and prays daily to Jesus is Obama. I am praying for a changed heart. If he is truly praying to Jesus than Jesus can change his heart and open his eyes to the sin of abortion... Yes He Can!

Mark and Maki said...

Hi Kathleen,

I think I would rather have a guy (or woman) who didn't admit to praying to Jesus if that Jesus is leading him/her to think abortion is OK. What a horrible testimony to the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

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Bret C.