Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Japan and Evangelism

YouTube popularity is exploding in Japan, comments the Christian Pacific Rim Media blog:
“YouTube’s user base is growing more quickly in Japan than any of the other major websites, including Yahoo Japan, or, according to the latest report by Internet research firm NetRatings Japan. Even though it does not have a separate Japanese-language version, YouTube recently achieved its 10 millionth Japanese visitor after just 14 months.

Implication: If more and more Japanese are going to YouTube and viewing videos, how could we use this low cost medium to reach Japanese?”

Cartoon comic evangelism Also very important in Japan is the Manga-style comic and animation. So short animation clips in Manga style could be very significant. There are many Manga comics online in English and Japanese as well as many Manga video clips. Rox35Media run an animation competition for mobile devices, and also training around the world in Christian comic production, cartooning and now also animation.

A Manga Bible has been published by New Life League Japan.

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