Wednesday, September 05, 2007

7 years in Japan!

In 2000, I remember a friend telling me, "Going to live in Japan is kind of like climbing Mt. Everest. Are you really ready?"
Well, I don't know if I've really reached any summit, but Sept. 2 brought the 7th anniversary of my coming to Japan! It also was the 5th anniverary of meeting my wife, Maki. It has been great to see all that God has done and worked during that time. When I look at the short-term, sometimes it is hard to see much of anything happening. However, God often works in mysterious and slow ways. During my 7 years I have seen many friends come to Christ - something very rare in Japan. I have seen my Japanese language abilities go from nothing to something and I have gone from a young, single guy, to a grown (?) man with a beautiful wife and child. But most of all I have learned to trust God in a greater way as the Provider, Protector, Creator and Sustainer. He is simply the all in all. All things, including me, have their being in Him. (Acts 17) Thank you God! (Below is another little picture of Noah - I know that is what most people want to see! - I don't blame you!)

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Doug said...

Congrats on 7 years brother! You should have a year of jubilee! It's amazing to see how much Noah has your face. Also yours and Gary's big long torso! Hope to skype with you soon.