Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Despite Cuba's isolation, the church experiences revival

Listen to Mission Network News here.


Richard said...

Dear Mark & Maki,

I have been encouraged by your blog. My wife Yuko and I had a baby last month (

In the past we have been involved in similar ministries to you in Japan but now we are in London, England.

If God will allow, we want to return to Japan to spread the gospel and bless the Church.

God's blessing to your family.

Love from Richard Brash

Mark and Maki said...

Dear Richard and family,

Thanks so much for your note! It was encouraging to read and also encouraging to look at your blog. Looks like we have a lot in common!

What did you do in Japan? It would be great to meet you if you come back to Japan. For Japan's sake, I do hope you come back soon!

Be sure to visit Maki's blog too. Honestly, her blog might be a lot more interesting if you can read Japanese!

May God be blessing you and yours also,