Monday, February 12, 2007

Our baby at 23 weeks!
Can you see the smile?! Maki had just laughed which sent the baby tumbling and rolling around inside - I think that must have made the baby feel good and hence the smile. That is my theory anyway!


Eric J. Hansen (Spot) said...

that's awesome!

hey... when is the due date for you guys?

Our third's is May 20!

Mark and Maki said...

Pretty close to yours! - June 8. Thank you for your prayers. We will pray for your little one too! - I am sure you are used to everything by now though. :)

Cindy said...

Hi Mark and Maki!
I heard the news a little while ago about your good news and thought I had better check out your website! Isn't technology cool when it is used in this way (to declare the wonders of the Lord and to see a baby still in its mother's womb!). I am so happy for you both!

Mark and Maki said...

Thank you Cindy!