Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Father's Day Focus
Maki and I were pleased that Maki's whole family (10 people total!) could come to our house for some family time on Sat. night. (We had such a good time we forgot to take pictures!) It was a good time again to just live out the gospel: talking, sharing, listening, cooking, cleaning, and serving Maki's family. Particularly I felt like we are getting closer to Maki's Dad and Maki's sister Naomi and her boyfriend. After the party, Maki's Dad said that he was so thankful to be able to come to our house. Yesterday he again said thanks. I honestly felt a little embarassed, but I think he just wants us to know how happy he is.
Please pray for my family too, as of course I could not be with them during this time. May God's love and glory be spread in our presence as well as in our absences.

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