Wednesday, April 12, 2006

All-Star for God

St. Louis Cardinals 1999 All-Star pitcher Kent Bottenfield recently came to our church and school in Japan! I thought that he was simply coming to help out and minister to our baseball team (which he did for a whole week), but then I was surprised to hear that he is also a professional Christian singer - and a VERY talented one at that. It was a true joy to be able to personally talk with him after his "mini-concert" at our church. He took the time to talk with me personally for 15-20 minutes after the service and more later too. He reminded me so much of my brother Gary, so I told Kent that I miss my brother Gary so much being here as a missionary. He told me that he would send a CD and an autograph picture to my brother Gary, who was also a good pitcher (not All-Star level though!) and collects autographs. He ended up giving me a free CD too! Please listen to this very kind, very humble and very talented man of God on his website - Enjoy!

May God use each of our talents, big and small to show His love to others for His glory.

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